Our Vision

To foster an atmosphere of genuine love where Christians can encourage one another to grow in their gifts and talents. A family church where we value one another and encourage people to have a relationship with God.


We are people….at the beginning and end of the day we are just that. Average, successful, humble, strong, normal, caring, hurting, broken, victorious, Just everyday all around
Real People, Real Life,
Real Hope


To nurture a genuine relationship towards God and with one another that will reach past the four walls of our church building, flowing into our community and beyond


To see the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher working together equipping and releasing the Body of Christ for the Work of Ministry and to ready the church for Christ’s second coming

Our Beliefs

EverPresent Church
We believe in the triune Godhead (Trinity) The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. We believe that the three are separate but operate and govern as one in the same.
We believe that redemption from our sinful nature is a must and can only be obtained by faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Way , the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Him.
We believe in the finished work at Calvary, nothing can be added or taking away from the fulfillment of the Law and Prophets by the Lord Jesus Christ.
We believe that God demonstrated His own love towards us in that while yet we were still sinners Christ died for us, the ungodly and made a way where there was no way. Jesus broke down the middle wall of separation and restored a living, breathing, real relationship with God, and all that believe in the name of Jesus Christ, God has given them the right to become sons of God.
We believe that man can walk with God now and eternally as it was Gods original plan by Christ’s redemptive work and sacrifice for mankind’s sins.
We believe in the Holy Spirit and the power thereof to reveal Jesus into the heart of man, seal the believer for eternal life, and lead the saint unto sanctification and holiness.
We believe that without the Holy Spirit man is not saved, and cannot overcome this life unto eternal life.

We believe in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the gifts thereof to operate decently and in order for the building up of the body of Christ. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives and dwells in each of the born again believer, yesterday, today, and forever.
We believe that if you believe in Jesus Christ that you should walk just as He also walked with signs and wonders following you.
We believe that being Holy as God is Holy is a commandment Of the Lord and is achievable by means of the Holy Spirit.
We believe that man can only be saved by the grace of God. For God so loved the world he gave His Son, and Christ so loved His Father that he was obedient to the cross, and that after His ascension God sent His Holy Spirit, without these facts grace would be nonexistent and man would be without hope. It’s not by anything we do but by the grace of God that were saved.
We believe in teaching only the doctrines of God and not the traditions of man. That religion brings bondage but where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty.
We believe in new testament sowing and reaping, giving and receiving, by which a person finds their place within the body of Christ and gives cheerfully of their spirit, mind, body, lives, finances, etc., owing all to Christ in love who has bought them with a price…His life. We believe it is all members responsibility to contribute to the needs of the ministry not just the burden of a few.
We believe that marriage is the union of a natural born male and female, and is consecrated and blessed of God. Any relationship or sexual relations outside of this is unnatural and against God. Male with male, and female with female is an act of sin and an abomination unto the Lord.
We welcome you in the name of the Lord!
Thank you for visiting EverPresent Church website. We hope that you found the answers to your questions. We invite you to join us for a time of fellowship and look forward to getting to know you personally. If there is any way that we can help you please email or call us from the contact page. We bless you according to Colossians 1.
Sincerely, Pastors Jason & Michelle Norton

Loving God. Loving People.