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overcoming yourself study

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Please Join Pastor Michelle Norton along with Pastor Jeanette Sassano, Nicole Tones & Martha Beam as we open up our lives to the issues that each women often asks WHY ME! We will be talking on topics of REGRET, FAILURE, REPLACEMENT & LIVING DYSFUNCTIONAL. All being expressed through real life experiences and how Our Savior and God delivered each one of us out these Trials, and turned it around to a LIFE EXPERIENCE glorifying God! So the next time you ask WHY ME? and God says WHY NOT YOU? You will have learned through this meeting some Life coping skills through the Word of God & the Holy Spirit.



Pastor Michelle Norton

Michelle Norton co pastors along side her husband Senior Pastor Jason Norton at EverPresent Church in Batavia New York which they founded in 2017. Born again in the 1990’s Pastor Michelle has been serving in the Supernatural Ministry of the Holy Spirit since then. She is the founder of DOV Ministies (Daughters of Virtue) which she operates in the Prophetic and Words of Knowledge to bring Healing and Growth to women and men the Body of Christ. Currently she is writing a Devotional Called “Why Me?”Why Not You!….which was inspired by the passing of her Daughter Tasha Norton who suffered with many medical conditions since Birth in 1984 , who went home to Heaven in 2019. Which also inspired the current women’s meeting February 5, 2022. Pastor Michelle and her husband Pastor Jason are also currently writing and perfecting a book called “Overcoming Yourself ” which will be used as a new believers discipleship guide that walks you through the born again experience to working and operating in the gifts of the spirit.

Pastor Jeanette Sassano

Sassano co-pastor's Fresh Start Church alongside her husband, Matt Sassano Jr.   She's directs Radiant Women, her church's women's group and has spoken  at women's conferences both domestically & abroad She's passionate to see women healed through Christ from what once held her captive.  Romans 8:28

Martha Horton-Beam

was raised in a Christian home, but, it wasn’t all that met the eye. On the inside, behind closed doors was a great deal of conflict, emotional and physical abuse and manipulation. What she deemed as hypocrisy led her into a life of rejecting her religious values, isolating from her family and entering into dangerous and unhealthy relationships. BUT GOD…, knew the seeds of the Word planted in her heart would require some heavy storms to turn her hardened heart into a softened one. An amazing story of God’s love, grace and mercy.        Martha Horton

Nicole Tones

Tones was born and raised in Southern California but has lived in Rochester, NY for 21 years with her husband Jason and together they have 4 amazing kids. Nicole and her family have attended Bethel Christian Fellowship in Rochester since 2012 where Nicole is a worship leader. She is president of Tones Ventures and Tones Studios, and a director of Tones Family Foundation, which she runs with her husband.

Nicole has a passion for worship, songwriting and producing. Her latest project, Stronghold, with People on a hill, is a great example of what Nicole hopes to do through worship music. The project is a collection of songs by hurting people, for hurting people.

As a young girl, really great things happened, but so did a lot of not so great things. Nicole hopes to be able to share her journey of healing with those that are going through addiction, anxiety, depression, fear, abuse, and so much more, through this project.

New Members Class 

 January 22nd

10:00-11:00 am

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NEW Study will be on Intercessory Prayer

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Our Pastor

Doctor Mark T. Barclay

will be with us for our 9 year anniversary

April 10th @ 7:00pm